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CarsonKompon's News

Posted by CarsonKompon - August 2nd, 2023

Half Hour Hexagon is a minimalist survival game with roguelite elements where you must defeat waves of enemies in an endless map in order to reach the 30 minute mark. Spend cash earned during runs and complete achievements to unlock permanent weapons, abilities, and stat bonuses for future runs and master the art of the Hexagon.

The game is available for free here on Newgrounds or on Steam!


Use cash earned during gameplay to buy permanent Upgrades. Some of these Upgrades can have negative effects, but they reveal Upgrades with much more powerful effects later in the tree.


There are 5 additional weapon types to unlock by defeating certain enemies across multiple runs. Try to overcome each milestone as you work towards new equipment.


There are 13 different items to unlock on top of the 5 that start in your item pool. These are additional milestones for you to work towards and assist you in making it further and further.


Finally, you can see a full list of all the enemies you've encountered and view their stats (alongside a brief description)



Posted by CarsonKompon - August 11th, 2021

I know a lot of people have been asking for more PICO NIGHT PUNKIN' content, but I currently have no plans to revisit the game. However, I've made the game completely open source for anyone to mod, with full documentation on how to go about doing so (provided you understand PICO-8) Here's a link to the game's github page.

Lots of talented people have already made mods of their own, and there's some that are still in development. I'm going to showcase a few of my favourites, however you can look through them all by scrolling through this thread on the Lexaloffle BBS.

VS Ninja Cat

by cubee

One of the first mods ever made, based off the creator's fantastic 2D sidescroller Ninja Cat.

Some mods didn't create their own game over cart, so if you die in this mod you'll have to refresh the page.

Dadbattle B-Side

by jo560hs

The first of many mods by the incredible jo560hs. A perfect recreation of the Dadbattle B-Side!

They've created a custom main menu and gameover cart that links all of their mods together, however I will still be linking to their individual carts separately below :)

Kaio-ken VS Shaggy

by jo560hs

This mod has the unique 6-key control scheme from the VS Shaggy mod, controlled with S,D,F,⬅️,⬇️,➡️.

Forest Funkin'

by jo560hs

Play against Meat Boy with a PICO-8 cover of Forest Funk!

Roses B-Side

by jo560hs

Another perfect B-Side recreation with Roses!

Trollface Demake (WIP)

by evman2k


This is a work-in-progress demake. If you want to keep tabs on the progress, include the thread on your blog feed on the lexaloffle website, or check back every so often!

Blammed B-Side

by jo560hs

This was actually released the day after making this post so I've updated it to include this fantastic new mod :)

If you enjoy any of the mods in the thread, give them a star on the lexaloffle website! If you want to get into modding the game for yourself, check the github and feel free to message me on newgrounds if you need some help :)



Posted by CarsonKompon - April 10th, 2021

We just released a huge update for Super Raft Boat on Steam, Itch & Newgrounds!!


You can see the full list of changes here: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1541250/view/3025830528814557943

Have fun :)



Posted by CarsonKompon - October 20th, 2020

Hi! I’m Carson Kompon, and I’m a solo indie developer making an N++ inspired top-down speed shooter called “Stealthscape”. In Stealthscape you play through 120+ Campaign Stages, trying to reach the Portal at the end of each Stage without failing, all while learning of the AI that controls Stealthscape known as “CarsOS”.

The game features 8 Worlds consisting of 15 Stages each, with “in-between” Stages proceeding each World, giving you insight into the game’s Story. The game has a built-in fully featured Stage Editor with Steam Workshop support so you can create limitless stages with little to no constraints.

What to expect from the game at launch:

  • 120+ Stages included in the Campaign
  • Public & Friend Leaderboards for both Campaign and Workshop Stages
  • Replays/Ghost Racing for all Campaign Stages
  • A fully featured built-in Stage Editor with Steam Workshop support
  • Logic Objects, Note Blocks, Camera Customization and more in the Stage Editor
  • XP Progression & Unlock System to customize your ship to your hearts content
  • A wide selection of colour palettes to feast your eyes upon

Buy Stealthscape on Steam for 25% off until October 27th!!